Program Structure

The master’s degree in Health Information Science (MHIS) involves both courses and a thesis or major research project and will ideally be completed in six terms. The proposed degree program can be completed in one of two ways.

MHIS (2 Year, Thesis) Requirements

  • 5 required courses
  • Thesis proposal, dissertation and defence

MHIS 2 Year program – Normal progression

Semester Requirements
1 (Fall Year 1) 2 Required courses
2 (Winter Year 1) 2 Required course;
*can take additional required Methods course, if available
3 (Summer Year 1) Thesis proposal
4 (Fall Year 2) 1 Required second methods course (*if not taken previously);
5 (Winter Year 2) 6 (Summer Year 2) Thesis write-up and oral defence
TOTALS 5 Required courses

MHIS (2 Year, Thesis) Milestones

For a plain text description of the MHIS Thesis Stream Milestones, please click here.

MHIS Thesis Milestones Diagram

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