Sandeep Dhaliwal: MHIS student profile

By Nicole Versaevel, HIS Program Coordinator

Sandeep's hometown: Brampton, Ontario


After completing an undergraduate degree with biology specialization in Health Sciences at Western University, Sandeep was motivated to stay in London. Having enjoyed "the vibe of Western and the campus," Sandeep credits the meaningful friendship and student connections he has made here as significant factors in his interest in Western's Health Information Science (HIS) program and his decision to attend graduate school. When his friend completed the MHIS program and spoke very highly of his experience, Sandeep knew he had to apply.

The MHIS program felt like a natural progression for Sandeep to explore diverse and complicated health related issues and policies. Through his master's thesis, Sandeep is investigating the health information policy landscape surrounding virtual health services. When he noticed a lack of Canadian published research on virtual mental health services and privacy concerns, he decided to make this topic his primary research interest. Sandeep is intrigued and motivated by the complexities within the virtual health policies that have risen during COVID-19, and he is excited to unravel some of the inconsistencies in the related laws.

Sandeep has been pleasantly surprised by the quality of learning he's received in the MHIS program so far, and the development of his writing skills. 

"It is different than undergraduate education, this (program) has helped me be a better writer and a better communicator… and these are key things necessary as a professional in the workforce or in further academia."

Sandeep identifies his parents as incredibly influential figures in instilling in him the value of education and hard work. Sandeep loves to work, loves to be productive and he stives for excellence in all he does. He is the first in his family to do graduate school and is considering pursuing a PhD at some point in the future. 

In addition to school, Sandeep volunteers his time on campus. Sandeep joined the Graduate Health Information Science Student Association (GHISSA), where he attends meeting to advocate for Masters and Doctoral Health Information Science Students. Seeing the value of providing mentorship to incoming students, Sandeep will be soon be taking on the role of GHISSA co-president.

Fun Fact

Sandeep is an avid gardener. As frequently as possible, he returns to India to spend time at his family farm to get his hands dirty and unplug from technology.

What comes next for Sandeep? Sandeep’s future path may unravel in any number of ways. Some of his multiple interests are health technology consulting, continuing his academic studies, and owning a plot of land somewhere in southwestern Ontario to stay connected to his roots. For Sandeep, the sky is the limit.