Research Spotlight

Featured Research:

AI and Human Emotion

Artificial Intelligence and the Detection of Human Emotion

Featuring Assistant Professor Luke Stark. April 2022.


The Right to Repair

Resisting the Inevitable Through Repair

Featuring Assistant Professor Alissa Centivany. April 2022.

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The Smoke Signals Archive

Indigenous radio archive project works towards preserving three decades of First Nations history

Featuring Dan and Mary Lou Smoke and Librarian Marni Harrington. April 2022.


The Museum of Dreams

From the Inside Out: Exploring the Social & Political Impact of Dreams

Featuring Professor Sharon Sliwinski. June 2022.


Forest City Memories

Forest City Memories: Rethinking London's Past and Present

Featuring Assistant Professor Basil Chiasson. May 2022.

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Community Engaged Learning

Ensuring Community Engaged Learning benefits everyone

Featuring Associate Professor Sandra Smeltzer.


The 'Forever Wars'

The mind set of perfection in the 'forever wars'

Featuring Professor Tim Blackmore. September 2021.


Accounting for Injustice

Accounting for Injustice: AFTRA, Work & Singers' Royalties

Featuring Associate Professor Matt Stahl. June 2022.

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Contemplation and Libraries

Navigating the world and ourselves through contemplation

Featuring Associate Professor Ajit Pyati. August 2021.


Surviving Memory Post-War

El Salvador research project receives major grant

Featuring Professor Amanda Grzyb. June 2021.


Murder in our Midst

Book explores privacy vs. tell-all crime reporting

Featuring Professor Romayne Smith Fullerton. July 2020.

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The Reverie Project

Migrants speak in many ways through project

Featuring Professor Sharon Sliwinski. Frebruary 2020.