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We live and breathe media minute-by-minute

Media are not just sources of news, information, celebrity culture, music, entertainment and more; our devices and social media are also places where we work, learn, create and connect. What economic, political, cultural and technological factors are behind the media we consume every day?

In the Faculty of Information and Media Studies, we provide an in-depth approach to studying all aspects of media. Professors in the Media, Information & Technoculture (MIT) and Media & the Public Interest (MPI) programs will teach you how to research, analyze, and critique the media you see. If you’re interested in making media and learning the practical skills to create your own work, we teach that too. Take advantage of skill-building options through our Creative Arts & Production courses and our Certificate in Digital Communications. When you graduate from FIMS, you will understand the world differently and will be inspired to take that knowledge into the future to shape media in new, positive ways.


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