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The Faculty of Information & Media Studies is committed to equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization. Alongside Western University, FIMS is engaged in a long-term process to address historical inequities and injustices and create a community in which everyone feels welcome, and which enables each person to thrive and meet their potential. The EDID at FIMS section of the FIMS website is an informational resource for anyone interested in learning what steps the Faculty is taking to advance this goal.

Responding to the President's Anti-Racism Working Group Final Report, and to conversation and feedback from within the FIMS community of students, staff, faculty and alumni, a number of actions have been initiated to effect changes to FIMS curriculum across undergraduate and graduate programs, to diversify our staff, faculty and student populations, and to ensure that students have an effective way to address concerns or behaviours that occur within the Faculty. FIMS also contributes faculty and student scholarship to many areas that are linked or directly connected to EDID issues, and will strive to make this work more visible and available to those who seek it.

The EDID at FIMS section is expected to evolve over time in response to the needs of the community. If you have questions, concerns or thoughts you'd like to share, please email: fims-communications@uwo.ca

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