Student Research

The following is a list of published theses from FIMS' thesis-based graduate programs. Also see creative projects completed by Master of Arts in Popular Music & Culture students, and the Emerging Library & Information Perspectives (ELIP), open access, peer-reviewed journal.

Each year FIMS undergraduate students have the opportunity to publish class papers in Mediations: The FIMS Undergraduate Academic Journal.

(Note: hyperlinks are included for theses that were submitted to Scholarship@Western and are now available through Western's Electronic Theses & Dissertation Repository. Those without hyperlinks are not currently available through the e-repository).

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Asubiaro, Tolu. Exploiting Semantic Similarity Between Citation Contexts For Direct Citation Weighting And Residual Citation.
Phd in Library and Information Science, August 2021
Supervisor: Isola Ajiferuke
Lee, Liz. The Use of Intimate Partner Violence Websites: Website Awareness, Visibility, Information Quality, Perceived Usefulness, and Frequency of Use.
Phd in Library and Information Science, July 2021
Supervisor: Isola Ajiferuke
Raji, Sadiq. Regional Integration: Physician Perceptions on Electronic Medical Record Use and Impact in South West Ontario.
Phd in Health Information Science, July 2021
Supervisors: Candace Gibson, Isola Ajiferuke and Amanda Terry
Chow, Maureen. 'Fashionable to be Ethnic': Malka Marom, Yorkville Reimagined, and the CBC's A World Of Music.
Master of Arts in Popular Music & Culture, June 2021
Supervisor: Keir Keightley
Netherton, Jason. Heavy Metal Fundraisers: Entrepreneurial Recording Artists in Platform Capitalism.
Phd in Media Studies, April 2021
Supervisors: Matt Stahl and Edward Comor
Gosse, Chandell. More barriers than solutions: Women's experiences of support with online abuse.
Phd in Media Studies, February 2021
Supervisor: Jacquie Burkell