Master of Media in Journalism & Communication

What can you achieve in just one year?

Enjoy flexible career opportunities in media

You may be wondering how a master’s degree that focuses on both communications and journalism will benefit you. Whether your dream is to be a newscast director or a chief marketing officer, there are interchangeable skills, such as storytelling, that can be developed through journalism and communications training.

Today's journalists and communications professionals need advanced media skills, as well as the ability to anticipate which new tools and digital platforms will help them tell their stories best. Both fields rely on common skills such as storytelling, professional writing, interviewing, research, data analytics and metrics, multimedia and social networking fluency. You will learn these skills in the MMJC program and be able to apply them in either journalism or communications careers.

Our grads work across many industries: news organizations, marketing and PR agencies, government ministries, hospitals, NGOs, banks and other businesses, organizations and corporations—large and small. Western has been training some of Canada's greatest storytellers for decades. We can teach you, too.

What does a year as an MMJC student look like?