Master of Media in Journalism & Communication (MMJC)

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The only program of its kind in Canada

Our one-year professional program will guide you to a successful career in journalism and/or communications. We offer small classes, lots of contact with your teachers and technicians, and an opportunity to learn a wide range of media production skills in an extremely supportive environment. You’ll also have 24-7 access to state-of-the-art production gear and facilities.

Because we accept only a small number of students each year, we can adapt our curriculum quickly to the shifting requirements of both the journalism and communications industries. While we begin with an introduction to classic storytelling techniques, we also teach innovative ways to tell important, powerful and engaging tales across all media platforms. Upon completion of this degree, you’ll be well-equipped to tell compelling stories as they emerge in a rapidly changing landscape.

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  • Filming out in the community.
  • Gathering stories out in the community.
  • MMJC students on campus at night.
  • Students attend a lecture for required course MMJC 9200 - Doing Democracy Right or Doing Right by Democracy?
  • Making new friends while out on assignment.
  • Students and staff working in the studio control room.
  • MMJC students and staff working in the broadcast studio.
  • MMJC students recording in the radio studio.
  • Students working in the studio.
  • Students collaborating in the broadcast studio.
  • Students practicing camera work on campus.
  • Student interviewing a counsellor at London City Hall.
  • Students attend a lecture for a required course.
  • MMJC students working in a computer lab during class.
  • Working on an assignment out in the community.
  • Working on an assignment out in the community.
  • MMJC students visiting with Santa Claus.
  • Students working together in the broadcast studio.
  • Students working out in the community.
  • MMJC students listening to a lecture in a lab.
  • Prepping for a mock newscast in the broadcast studio.
  • Students working in an Avid Editing Suite.
  • Working collaboratively.
  • Working collaboratively.
  • Sitting on the Throne out in the community.

Western University is ideally situated to benefit from our strong community connections. We work closely with local media, including CBC London, CTV, TVO and the London Free Press. In addition, through our faculty and alum, we have strong ties to the broader London community, including many non-profits, NGOs and other groups and organizations.

On a more personal note, by the end of the year, you’ll feel like you’re part of a family that includes your instructors, classmates and the hundreds of our alumni who work in journalism, communications and other related fields across Canada and around the world.

Through the MMJC program, you will have an opportunity to do a long internship with media or communications organizations to which you would not otherwise have access. Finally, you’ll graduate with a master’s degree – a qualification that will open more doors for your career than a diploma, certificate or undergraduate degree.

Our program goal is not only to prepare you for employment when you graduate, but also to teach you the strategic and contextual thinking needed to adapt or change direction as the media landscape evolves.

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