Why choose MMJC?

Thumbs up from students in the Broadcast Studio

Graduate with options

A core feature of the MMJC program is how it sets students up with the practical skills and flexibility they need to start careers in journalism, communications, or other media industries. But there are other great reasons to enroll in the MMJC program! We want our graduates to not just work in - but to also become leaders in their fields.

Get hands-on experiences that prepare you for any media career

Careers in media and communications are interactive and hands-on, and the MMJC program prepares students for this through its course structure. With realistic in-class scenarios and projects, you’ll gain practical experience, such as researching, writing and sharing stories in a variety of mediums. We don't assume that new students are coming in with prior experience using broadcast equipment and technology. If cameras and microphones are new to you, that's okay!

The MMJC program also provides you with an opportunity to do an internship with a journalism or communications organization. Students work with organizations for a minimum of four weeks during the summer term, learning the ins and outs of the business. Once you know where you’d like to intern, you’ll work with staff to access opportunities. We’ve had students stay local or travel abroad.

Train in state-of-the-art facilities and with experienced support staff

The MMJC program offers practical classroom experiences, featuring industry-standard production gear and facilities. The professional broadcast studio has four video editing suites, two audio recording and editing rooms, and computers for students to work on their projects. Professional broadcast equipment, studio cameras and lighting, as well as portable gear, are also available to students.

MMJC faculty and production staff will support you one-on-one and in groups. After participating in camera workshops and receiving video and audio editing training, you can confidently take your skills out into the field to start gaining experience.

Assistance with projects or equipment issues is available to students during regular working hours, and you will have 24/7 access to the studio, computer labs, editing and audio suites.

Learn how to quickly adapt to the latest trends in media

Part of success in the media industry is having the ability to adapt in innovative ways. As a small program, we’re able to quickly adapt and pivot to innovative storytelling techniques and tools as new options arise. This ensures Western’s MMJC program is up to date with the latest trends, including using the best tools, gear and technology. We’ve introduced new courses in the past few years, such as a digital marketing course, to teach students about social media, search engines and algorithms—important skills for many media careers today.

Build connections and start networking

During the year, you will get the chance to meet MMJC graduates and a range of guest speakers. These guest speakers will open your eyes to the possibilities for internships, as well as careers that you may want to pursue down the line.

Western University is ideally situated to benefit from its strong community connections. The MMJC program works closely with local media, including CBC London, CTV2, and the London Free Press. Western has been graduating professional journalists (and as of 2015 communicators) since 1951 and thus have a network of alumni working in newsrooms and other media jobs across Canada. Program staff maintain strong connections with local industry partners and past internship providers. In addition, we have strong ties to the broader London community, including many non-profits, NGOs and other groups and organizations.

By the end of the year, you’ll feel like you are part of a family that includes your instructors, classmates and the hundreds of our alumni who work in journalism, communications and other related fields across Canada and around the world.

Learn in small classes and get personalized experiences

In the MMJC program, class sizes are small. That means there’s opportunity for one-on-one time with professors and production staff. The program only enrols up to 40 students per year through a competitive application process so you can be sure you won't get lost in the crowd. With smaller class sizes you’ll get the chance to know your professors and educators, and to create a close-knit community with your classmates. You'll also have a lot of fun. The people that you meet in the program will become lifelong friends and form a network of professional contacts.

Take advantage of a multidisciplinary environment 

FIMS - the Faculty of Information and Media Studies - is a vibrant, scholarly environment where students are able to draw from more than just their home program. MMJC students are exposed to student colleagues and scholars from the areas of Journalism, Communications, Media Studies, Library & Information Science, and Health Information Science, and have the opportunity to take graduate classes that span multiple disciplines.

Many scholars and students at FIMS are active in social justice, the non-profit sector, and the community, and the Faculty's curriculum and research is attentive to issues of equity, diversity and inclusion. Students are encouraged to think deeply and critically about all their areas of study, and to take advantage of extracurricular opportunities for further academic growth.  

Ziv Haddi, Editorial Producer, ZoomerMedia Limited

❝ The program really trains you to be a modern-day journalist, and it forces you to think of unique ways of doing your work. I learned to not just look at things at face value but to dig deeper and to ask questions because there’s always more to the story. ❞


Alvin Yu, Associate Producer, CBC

❝ Apply to the MMJC program! You'll learn a lot. You'll be not only in the classroom but outside practising everything you learned in the classroom. Don't hesitate and just apply. ❞