Why Choose MMJC?

If you’re curious, love telling stories, enjoy applying theory to practice and keen to develop a broad range of communication skills, the MMJC program is a great fit for you.

We have designed the program to work for students from a variety of disciplines, including the sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities and more. Our teaching approach is based on a mix of practical skills, hands-on practice and theoretical lessons to shape students into critical thinkers and professionally trained media masters.

Video produced by 2019 MMJC student Gabriel Rees Dabbs and Jordan Heuvelmans for an assignment in the second term course, Telling the Story Using Integrated Media.

Why get a master's degree in journalism and communication?

In today’s world, journalism and communications go hand-in-hand. Both require a similar set of storytelling skills to succeed. The MMJC program prepares students for both industries, mastering all forms of media—print, audio, video or digital—for flexible career opportunities.

Here are five benefits for attending Western’s Journalism and Communications professional program:

1. A one-year master's degree

In just one year, you will have a master’s degree specialized in communications and journalism. An accelerated program will require you to work on many projects at once. You'll learn how to manage your time and meet deadlines. You will also graduate with a portfolio of work related to both industries.

2. Great career opportunities

With knowledge of how both the journalism and communication industries operate, MMJC graduates become competitive candidates for an array of media-related roles. As a master's-level degree, the MMJC pairs practical expertise with theoretical knowledge to help you excel as a communicator and strategist, and to grow into leadership positions over time.


Avery Nicholson, Avenue PR

❝ I wouldn't be able to do my job in PR without my knowledge of how to be a journalist, what journalists do and how journalists write things. MMJC allowed me to get a step up in the industry. ❞


3. Deeper critical thinking skills

Throughout the year you’ll deepen your critical thinking skills, learn about media law and other complex variables that impact media production. Ethics courses will teach you to evaluate your role as a communicator or journalist out in the field. Students in the MMJC program become excellent thought leaders by conducting thorough research and sharing impactful stories.

4. Hands-on experiences to build a portfolio

This program is designed to give students hands-on training to pair with critical thinking skills. With every course, you will engage with local communities to get real life experience and grow your portfolio. Every student completes an internship and a capstone project during the summer term allowing you to practice your new skills in a professional setting.

5. Knowledgeable instructors with real experience

MMJC instructors come from a variety of backgrounds in journalism, communications and academic scholarship. Our experienced instructors have the practical and theoretical knowledge to help students become great communicators and storytellers as well.


Idil Mussa, CBC

❝ The professors were so knowledgeable, provided us with a theoretical background to understand journalism as a field and they had real life experience. They were all still connected to the industry. ❞


Does Western's MMJC program sound like the right fit for you? Learn more about our application process here to get started.

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