Facilities & Equipment

Students in the MMJC program spend a lot of time in the FIMS Broadcast Studio. The High Definition studio, which also doubles as a classroom, features industry standard broadcast equipment, studio cameras and lighting, and can be converted into a newscast set, all operated by a fully equipped control room. The Burli Newsroom suite of computer newsroom tools allows students to gather information, compose scripts, teleprompt and publish news to multiple platforms. Throughout the year, students will also see a variety of guest experts visiting the studio to be interviewed for news pieces produced by international news organizations such as the CBC, BBC, TVO and others.

Video: Filmed and produced by Shawn Cheatham, Media Studies PhD student.

Editing Suites

Four edit suites running Avid Media Composer are located nearby the studio. Avid is an industry standard film and video editing software that students will use extensively while in the MMJC program. Students will receive instruction on how to use the software to edit their video and projects assigned throughout their three terms in the program.

Audio Suites

Two audio suites running Adobe Audition are located nearby the studio. Students will utilize these suites to record voice overs for video work and to records interviews for radio or podcasting assignments.

Portable Equipment

The MMJC program stocks a wide array of portable video and audio equipment that is available to students working on assignments and projects. Mobile equipment includes Sony broadcast grade cameras, Go Pro/DSLRs, MOJO cellphone camera grips, microphones, gimbals, sliders, digital audio recorders, tripods, and everything else a student needs to make their work shine.

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  • Exterior of the FIMS & Nursing Building on Western University's campus
  • FIMS & Nursing Building main atrium
  • Broadcast studio in the FIMS & Nursing Building.
  • Student and staff work in the broadcast studio control room.
  • Feed monitor in the broadcast studio control room.
  • Students working in the studio Green Room.
  • MMJC students and staff working in the radio studios.
  • MMJC student recording in the radio booth.
  • Story planning in the newsroom.
  • Students recording an interview in the Green Room.
  • Students attend a lecture with Professor Romayne Smith Fullerton in an FNB classroom.
  • MMJC students work in a computer lab during class.
  • Student recording a stand-up out in the field.
  • Students working in an Avid Editing Suite
  • Students out on assignment with camera gear.
  • MMJC students attend a class in an FNB lecture hall.
  • Students at work in the Green Room.
  • Conducting an interview in the broadcast studio.
  • Students working on script in the broadcast studio.
  • Students hear from a visiting journalist in class in the studio.
  • MMJC students working in a computer lab during class.
  • FIMS & Nursing Building Lobby and common area.
  • FIMS & Nursing Building second floor common area.
  • Student meeting room.
  • Terrace outside of the FIMS Graduate Library.
  • FIMS Graduate Library.
  • FIMS Graduate Library.

Computer Labs/Classrooms

FIMS grad students, including MMJC students, have access to three computer labs. The largest lab is regularly booked for class instruction and is configured into work pods to allow for collaborative group work. When not in use for a class, students have free access to this lab. Two smaller labs serve as drop-in space where students can check email and work on assignments when not in classes. The computers available are a mix of Macs and Windows machines and they run Microsoft Office products along with a variety of open source software.

FIMS Graduate Library

The FIMS Graduate Library supports all FIMS graduate programs. The library provides access to electronic resources and houses non-circulating print collections, including books, comics and graphic novels, periodicals, course reserves, board games, and DVDs. Equipment such as digital cameras, e-readers, and tablets are available for student use. The library also has a makerspace, Bibliotech, with high and low tech maker resources for student experimentation, as well as meeting rooms for group projects, student meetings, and a reading room with comfortable seating. They also host workshops throughout the year covering topics that help students complement and round out their learning.

Social/Common Spaces

The FIMS & Nursing Building is on the south side of campus and is home to the Faculty of Information & Media Studies. The design of the building puts a premium on seating and break out space for students. FNB features a large atrium that spans three floors and provides lots of work space and natural light. FIMS grad students also have access to their own private lounge area on the third floor, which contains seating, a kitchenette with a microwave, sink, a large fridge, and a separate meeting space reserved for student groups.

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