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Information Organization, Curation and Access
Elisabeth Davies
Information Sources and Services
Scott MacDonald
Research Methods and Statistics
Yimin Chen
Information Literacy: Theory and Practice
Leeanne Romane
Records Management
Carolynn Bart-Riedstra
Special Topic: Exploring and Understanding Comics in Libraries
Lucia Cedeira Serantes
Collection Management
Asen Ivanov
Government Information
Michael McCaffrey
Science, Technology and Medical Information
Stephen Coulstring
Special Topic: Accessibility and Information Environments
Heather Hill
Services for Children and Young Adults
Davin Helkenberg
Special Topic: Services and Materials for an Aging Population
Shamiram Zendo
Special Topic: Public Library Services for Newcomers and Immigrants
Nafiz Shuva
Special Topic: Scholarly Communications and Open Access
Melissa Seelye
Special Topic: Information in Pandemics and Disasters
Heather Hill
Special Topic: Information in the Age of Planet Google
Lucia Cedeira Serantes / Rachel Melis
Individual Study
Guided Research I
Guided Research II
Major Research Project Part 1
Major Research Project Part 2
Major Research Project Part 3
Major Research Project Part 4
Information Management
Cabot Yu / Melanie Sucha
Public Libraries
Julie Brandl
Academic Libraries
Joyce Garnett
Special Libraries
Robert Craig
Introduction to Archives Administration
Don Spanner
Information Retrieval: Research and Practice
Isola Ajiferuke
Database Management Systems
Charlotte McClellan
Managing Information Technology in Libraries
Isola Ajiferuke
Social Software and Libraries
Luke Russell