Program Level Learning Outcomes

Students in the library A successful graduate of The University of Western Ontario’s MLIS program will:

  1. Value and support critical engagement with issues and practices in LIS and related fields through diverse approaches to independent ongoing learning.
  2. Explain, analyse and interpret professional and scholarly literature, research data and information resources to articulate their implications for LIS and related fields of knowledge and practice.
  3. Exercise and enact the values and principles of the field and its specialisations with an awareness of overarching social responsibility associated with progressive public service for the public good.
  4. Discriminate among current and emerging information and communication technologies to judge effective management and use in constantly changing information workplaces.
  5. Relate the practices and roles of individual librarians and information professionals to broader organizational, professional, political, economic, social and technological contexts.
  6. Navigate, evaluate and use multiple elements of a range of information environments, including those associated with data curation, information visualization, databases and information architectures.
  7. Identify and explore opportunities to engage in experiential learning and to participate, advocate, and lead in professional development and training in professional organizations relevant to emerging specialisations and career paths.
  8. Evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of user-centered information systems, services and resources for individual users and diverse communities in a networked global society within which information organizations and information professionals operate.
  9. Differentiate among the numerous areas of LIS practice and scholarship, and demonstrate a facility across media when speaking, writing and presenting about them to diverse audiences in formal and informal professional and scholarly domains.

Approved by the MLIS Program Committee 5 February 2014.