Course Description

LIS 9705 (Winter 2010)   Information and Communication in a Digital Age

Instructor: A. Quan-Haase

Course Description
Communication technologies are becoming ubiquitous: email, instant messaging, mobile phones, listservs, blogs, etc. How are these technologies affecting the way we receive and transmit information? Are current theories of information seeking still applicable to the digital age? What new challenges and possibilities emerge from these new forms of communication? The aim of the course is to determine current trends in the design and use of communication technologies and to critically examine how this revolution in communication affects our understanding of information and information behaviors. In this course, we will examine specific user populations, such as teenagers, the elderly, and students. We will also examine the challenges that libraries face in the advent of new forms of information dissemination and acquisition

0.5 course

[T] (13) (Cross-listed with MS 9270)
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