Course Description

LIS 9368L-650 (Summer 2021)   Special Topic: Collective Memory Through Documents

Instructor: M. Nord

Course Description
This course provides overview of documents and how they function in our “document society.” Content looks at collective memory through various lenses important to the field. Frames these perspectives in terms of libraries, archives, and documents. Ends with ethical focus, leading into implications for policy and practice.

Course Syllabi for LIS 9368L-650 (Summer 2021)
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0.5 course

Program Content Areas
Connecting People with Information
Information Organization, Curation and Access

Learning Outcomes

1. Value and support critical engagement with collective memory’s place at the intersection of identity, community, and ethics in LIS through diverse approaches to independent ongoing learning (program level learning outcome 1)

2. Relate the practices and roles of individual librarians and archivists to the broader organizational, political, cultural, social, and technological contexts of collective memory (program level learning outcome 5)

3. Reframe the information systems, services, and resources found in information organizations as phenomena of collective memory that impact individual users and diverse communities even as these phenomena are elements of a networked global society. (program level learning outcome 8)

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