About the 1 Year MHIS Program

Two students in a classroomThe new, innovative, 12-month, Master of Health Information Science (MHIS) degree is a full time course-based program that prepares graduates for in-demand careers in health information technology environments. Students will gain the skills to critically and holistically examine aspects of health policy, practice, structure, research, finance, and societal and cultural factors within the Canadian health care landscape, applying those skills to transforming health information science. And as a one-year program, graduates will be able to enter the job market sooner than other master's students. 

For a closer look at what you can do with an MHIS degree, see Career Pathways for HIS Students.

Why choose Western?

Western has established a reputation as a leader in Health Information Science. Gain the knowledge to transform health care information systems by learning from professors and staff already working at the forefront of progress. The 12-month MHIS program allows you to:

  • Customize your curriculum, through choice of electives
  • Gain experience as a Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • Gain practical experience through the third-term knowledge synthesis course
  • Access expertise from programs across two faculties (the Faculty of Information and Media Studies and the Faculty of Health Sciences)
  • Study on Western's stunning campus in London, Ontario

Health Information Science at Western offers students both the educational and experiential opportunities critical to success in the health care industry.

Why did others choose Western?

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