Course Description

MS 9102-001 (Fall 2019)   Second Year Media Studies Research Colloquium - Research Writing and Argumentation

Instructor: D. Robinson

Course Description
All second-year Media Studies MA students must present their first completed thesis chapter at the mandatory, non-credit, fall term Media Studies colloquium series on writing. Students undertaking the Major Research Paper option must likewise present a meaningful portion of their summer writing efforts. This course is a program milestone, so no online registration is necessary. To fulfill this program milestone, students must:
  • Submit one chapter of their MA thesis, or one portion of their Major Research Paper, to the instructor by October 15;
  • Attend all colloquia (missing no more than one and giving advance notice for any absence);
  • Complete all readings and hand in all work assigned by the instructor;
  • Regularly participate in discussions ensuing from these readings and assignments;
  • Participate in instructor-led, in-class evaluations of student chapters or portions of Major Research Papers. This exercise is meant primarily to hone students’ understanding of correct English usage, and to polish the form, style and argumentative clarity of the submission under discussion.

Students who fail to meet the above and do not fulfill this milestone requirement, will be required to take one additional elective course during the MA program before being allowed to graduate.

Course Syllabi for MS 9102-001 (Fall 2019)
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