FIMS Internship Module (New)

Over the past two decades, the Faculty of Information and Media Studies has remained a leader on Western’s campus offering meaningful and relevant experiential learning experiences through its internship and community engaged learning programs.

After extensive consultation with students, internship partners, and other faculties on campus, we are expanding our internship program to give students an opportunity to engage in a more robust examination of, and engagement in, experiential learning.

Starting in September 2023, we are excited to offer the Internship Module for FIMS students enrolled in a Major or Honours specialization program.

By the time they graduate, students in the module will need to complete two courses:

  • FIMS 2999A/B/Y Theory Meets Practice: Careers & Community Engagement Seminar (in-class)
  • FIMS 3999A/B/Y Internship (work period)

Acceptance into this module is offered based on meeting the following eligibility requirements:

Students must be in a major or honors specialization module in FIMS. Students must have at least a 70% cumulative academic average, no more than 1.0 fail in their courses, no fails in FIMS, and no documented academic offenses.

How does the new internship module work?

A. Starting in Fall 2023, students can apply for admission into the FIMS Internship Module through Western Connect.

B. The module includes two parts: A 0.5 2000-level experiential learning and career education course (FIMS 2999) followed by a 3000-level internship placement (FIMS 3999) term that includes 120 hours of internship placement experience with an industry partner and a final capstone project.

C. To graduate with the Internship Module as part of your degree, you will need to complete both credits (1.0 total) between Year 2 and the end of Year 4.

How does this change impact international students?

This new Internship Module will be aligned with the IRCC’s requirements for a co-op work permit and will mean that international students can now register in for-credit experiential learning opportunities in FIMS.

How to apply

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you will be granted permission to enroll and can select FIMS2999 in Fall 2023 or Winter 2024.

Like other courses, there are limited spots in the FIMS 2999 course and upper-year students will get priority.

Upon successful completion of FIMS 2999, you will be able to search and interview for internship placements for the FIMS 3999 placement credit.