FIMS Career Services

Do you worry about where your degree will ultimately lead you?

FIMS has over 20-years of history graduating students who go on to excel in a wide variety of industries, building careers in the non-profit sector, marketing, advertising, public relations, social justice, entertainment, journalism, media production and more.

But the job and economic landscape just keep changing, presenting new challenges for young professionals entering the marketplace for the first time. In FIMS we recognize that, and the faculty is taking steps to provide even more customized, in-house assistance to our students.

FIMS Career Services is a recently established service available to FIMS undergraduate students.

How can FIMS Career Services help you?

Plotting your career development path

  • Help you conduct a self-assessment and articulate your skills, knowledge, and experience in three areas of career development: academic, social, and professional
  • Help you brainstorm career goals
  • Help you sketch your career development ladder and fill in the steps and milestones that make up the fuzzy middle section, between the beginning of your schooling and your career
  • Help you navigate through the internship process from the exploration phase to completion: resume/portfolio development, applications and interviews, goal-setting, and ongoing support throughout the duration of the internship
  • Help you understand where your internship fits into your overall career development ladder
Coaching, support and post-grad planning
  • Workshops and one-on-one counselling support
  • Takes a holistic view of students and makes suggestions specific to individual circumstances
  • Provides in-person, phone, or e-advising on common career coaching scenarios, such as how to navigate tricky situations, develop professionalism and self-advocacy traits, and portfolio development

How to Contact FIMS Career Services