MPI Course Requirements

1000 Level MIT courses (first year)

Students must successfully complete first year of the Media, Information & Technoculture (MIT) program to be eligible for the Media in the Public Interest Program. Admission is competitive and limited to 20 students in each year of the program.

As outlined in the chart below, depending on the module selected, a student must select a specified number of approved courses relevant to the study of Media and the Public Interest.

Approved MPI Elective Courses

Module Required number of approved electives
Major in MPI 1.5 approved courses or equivalents at the 3000 level or above
Honors Specialization in MPI 1.5 approved courses or equivalents at the 3000 level or above

The following courses may be taken to complete MPI elective requirements for MPI modules:

Note: Courses may not be offered every year and certain registration constraints may be in place. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have the prerequisites for any suggested electives.

  • MIT 3110F/G: Global Political Economy of Communication
  • MIT 3215F/G: Killer Culture: War and the Mediation of Reality in the 20th-21st Century
  • MIT 3218F/G: Technology, Democracy, and Postwar America
  • MIT 3221F/G: Photography, Politics, History
  • MIT 3832F/G: Documentary Media
  • MIT 3931F/G: Century of Genocide
  • MIT 3932F/G: Politics and Representation of Food
  • MIT 3933F/G: The University, Student Activism & the Public Interest
  • MIT 3935F/G: Race, Ethnicity, and Technology
  • MIT 3936F/G: International Media and Social Change