Program Progression

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MIT is a flexible program that gives you the opportunity to build a degree program to suit your interests and goals. After first year, you’ll take a series of core, required foundational courses. In your senior years of the program, you’ll have the freedom to choose electives in MIT that cover a wide range of media-related topics.

Example of course plan for a student enrolled in an MIT Major:

By the time they begin classes at Western, new students will have been admitted to a home faculty. Whether their home faculty is FIMS, or somewhere else on campus, they will need to take prerequisite courses in their first year if they intend on pursuing a degree in MIT.

Year 1 - First Year Program in FIMS

  • MIT 1020E - Introduction to Media, Information and Technoculture (required to pursue a degree in MIT)
  • MIT 1025F/G - First Year Foundations (required to pursue a degree in MIT)
  • 3.5 additional electives 

Year 2 - MIT 

  • MIT 2000F/G - The History of Communication (required)
  • MIT 2100F/G - Political Economy of Media (required)
  • MIT 2500A/B - The Meaning of Technology: Exploring the Relationship Between Technology & Society (required)
  • MIT 2200F/G - Mapping Media and Cultural Theory (required)
  • MIT 2025A/B - Research Methods for the Digital Age (required)
  • 2.5 additional electives

Years 3 and 4 - MIT

  • A student working towards an MIT Major would be able to select from a wide array of MIT and non-MIT electives in 3rd and 4th year. Students following other paths may have required courses in these years.
First-year students will receive personalized assistance from Academic Counsellors during Summer Academic Orientation to help them choose the correct courses to meet their goals. It is important for students of all years to take responsibility for knowing their degree requirements throughout their time at university. Academic Counsellors in FIMS are always available to help students stay on track.