Media & the Public Interest (MPI)

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Learn how to make a difference through the lens of media

Are you moved by crisis in Darfur? Do social movements such as the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street interest you? Do you want to work for a public service or a non-profit organization? Then the Media and the Public Interest (MPI) program might be for you. The MPI program is the only one of its kind in Canada and connects issues of communication and media to social justice issues such as democracy, equity, class, race, and gender. Students in MPI examine social movements and how media can be used to further these causes. Some example courses in the MPI program include Alternative Media, Social Movements and Media, and Activism in Mainstream Media.

Match critical media studies with real-world experiences

A primary goal of the program is to connect media theory learned in the classroom to real world experiences. Students are encouraged to put what they learn to use. Many of the courses feature a service learning component or practicum that gives students the opportunity to volunteer in a community organization.

Admission to MPI

Students must first be admitted to and successfully complete the first year of the Media, Information and Technoculture (MIT) program. Enrolment in MPI is limited: only 20 students are admitted per year.