International Students

A welcome from Selena Guo, international MIT student

Listen to 3rd year MIT student Selena Jiying Guo describe her experience as a Media, Information & Technoculture student at FIMS. Find out more about Selena's status as a Schwarzman Scholar in the Western News article "Selena Guo named among class of 2022 Schwarzman Scholars."

Why choose FIMS?

With smaller class sizes and non-departmentalized faculty and staff, FIMS offers a tight knit community. Get to know your classmates and professors, study some of the most pressing media-oriented issues of today, and collaborate with classmates in the FIMS & Nursing Building. (find out more).

Why choose Western?

Located on a beautiful campus close to downtown London, Western offers an outstanding campus experience and extensive support for international students to ensure you succeed, achieve your academic goals, and make a network of lifelong friends. (find out more).

What kind of work will you do in FIMS?

As a student in the Faculty of Information & Media Studies you can expect to attend lectures, write essays, and participate in critical thinking and critical analysis exercises. But students also have opportunities to take elective production courses, such as First Year Foundations in Media Production, Digital Music, or Graphic Design. Below is an example of a creative essay that was submitted to the 2021 Media Arts Festival, a March event that celebrates the work done each year by undergraduate students. To explore more MIT courses, visit the Undergraduate Courses page and filter by type or term.

Creative Essay for MIT 1070B: First Year Foundations in Media Production

Artist's Statement: "This is a group of photos taken in the week before Chinese New Year, the most important festival in China. I drove from the market in our county town to the surrounding countryside. All the people in the photos are working hard to have a happy New Year, and I hope this can perfectly capture the down-to-earth look of Chinese rural people. Because I was born in a small, poor city in northern China, it also allows me to take pictures of scenes that students in big cities can hardly see, so I chose this subject. There is a famous Chinese novel, To Live, written by Guangzhong Yu, which describes how the underclass people in China's rural areas struggle to make a living. I wonder if I can present the scene described in this book through photos? I try to capture the movement of people and make a photograph seem 'alive,' such as the close-up shot of an old man with his dirty, calloused hands telling of his lifetime's fatigue, which is meaningful and deeply felt." - Submitted to the 2021 Media Arts Festival by first-year MIT student Haochen Xu.

A diversity of stories - Mina Gerges

FIMS approaches teaching and research through a global lens. Wherever you come from, whatever your story, you'll find a welcoming community at FIMS. For Mina Gerges, who was born in Toronto and has family abroad, completing his BA in Media & the Public Interest helped him build the confidence to discover his true self and find his place in the world.