Student Life in FIMS

Students sitting on benchThere are lots of ways to be engaged as a student in the Faculty of Information & Media Studies. FIMS student councils, associations and clubs give you a way to branch out from your academic studies. Outside of FIMS, Western offers a wide range of extracurricular activities. Find out what interests you and take steps to get involved. You'll meet new people, learn new skills, and round out your university experience.

FIMS Facilities

FIMS Facilities - Our Home

The Faculty of Information & Media Studies is home to facilities designed to enhance the learning of both graduate and undergraduate students, through access to materials, equipment and active spaces. Take a tour through the image gallery of the FIMS & Nursing Building (FNB) for a look at our media studios, library, social spaces, lecture halls, and more.


Councils and Associations

FIMS Students' Council - FIMSSC

The FIMS students' council is a good way to get involved with the day-to-day rhythm of the Faculty. Students' Councils are tasked with representing the student body in governance matters. The FIMSSC represents the entire body of undergraduate students in FIMS and organizes social, professional, and other types of activities for their constituents. 


Extracurricular Activities


Western offers many different extracurricular activities, some of which are media-oriented and possibly of particular interest to FIMS students. No matter what your interests, there will be something for you. Explore possibilities in student politics, media, sports and recreation, special interest clubs, and leadership/volunteering.