Course Description

MIT 242G (Winter 2008)   Killer Culture: War and the Mediation of Reality in the 20th-21st Century

Instructor: T. Blackmore

Course Description
War is the machine that created many of the technologies that we depend on in this century. This course considers the ways in which we sift war through media filters, the stories we tell ourselves (and the way we mediate those stories) about gender and power, truth and myth, the body and spirit, the technosphere and biosphere. Using a wide variety of media products, the course will examine the mediation of high-tech information systems, global armament, and the mechanization of death.

Course Outline for MIT 242G (Winter 2008)
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Prerequisites: Registration in the second, third or fourth year of an MIT program, or permission of the Faculty.

Antirequisites: MIT 142F/G

2 lecture hours and 1 lab hour, 0.5 course