Course Description

MIT 390G (Winter 2006)   Social Movements & Communicative Practice

Instructor: N. Dyer-Witheford

Course Description
This course is for social activists, or would-be social activists, trying to 'get the message out'. It explores theoretical and practical aspects of social movements' engagements with media. We look at the definition, history and life-cycle of social
movements, from trades unionism to civil rights and feminism to counter-globalization and anti-war movements. Then we examine the opportunities and problems these movements face in their interaction with media-corporate, public, and altemative--and the possibilities and limits of cyberactivism and hacktivism. We will study real-life examples of media activism from the London area, and do assignments focused on the nuts and bolts aspects of getting your story into print or on air.

Prerequisites: Registration in third or fourth year of a module in Media and the Public Interest or Social Justice and Peace Studies

3 lecture hours, 0.5 course