Course Description

MIT 4030G (Winter 2011)   Television Music: Histories, Theories, Mythologies

Instructor: N. Coates

Course Description
This honours seminar focuses on television music, emphasizing the interaction between the television and music industries over popular youth musics, especially rock and roll, since television’s inception.  The term “television music” revises the normative focus on music video as the signifier of the relationship between music and television.  History, theory, and discourse and textual analysis will guide us through our study of how music is visualized on television, historically and at present, and the social and material effects of television music on how social actors, industries, programs, audiences, genres and more resonate in mainstream and music cultures.

Course Outline for MIT 4030G (Winter 2011)
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Prerequisites: Registration in fourth year of an Honors Specialization module in FIMS

3 lecture hours, 0.5 course