FIMS 25th Anniversary Recap

Catching up with friends

Approximately 250 FIMS alumni from all eras joined us at the TIFF Lightbox in Toronto on January 25, 2024 for a celebration in honour of FIMS' 25th Anniversary. It was exciting to see such a great turnout, with people on-hand repping MIT, MPI, MTP, HIS, LIS, MAJ, MMJC, Media Studies, PMC and Digicomm. A large contingent of current and retired faculty and staff also made the trip from London to Toronto for the reception and collectively had a wonderful time catching up with alumni and their guests.

Thank you to Grant Campbell, Alison Hearn, Jeremy Copeland, Erin Isings, Melanie Mills and Lisa Henderson for sharing their thoughts on the occasion at the podium. And a big thanks to all our guests who made time to come out and mingle.

Below we've built a limited image gallery you can browse through, and you can also visit photographer Nikki Lamb Tudico's full collection from the event online.

FIMS 25th Anniversary Reception Gallery

Photo credits: Suzanne Elshorafa (1-15) PhotoboothTO (16-33) and Nikki Lamb Tudico Photography (34-45)