Alumni Profile - Parmveer Mundi, MHIS'21

Current position: Assistant Manager, Residence Life & Services at Queen's University


How did HIS help you get where you are in your career?

"I would still consider myself early in my career, but my education has really shaped my view on my work in Student Affairs and Residence Life. My graduate courses during the MHIS showed me the increasing importance of how we operationalize and translate the information we collect into improving programs, policies, and systems. It was also important to keep in mind that quantitative information did not always show the full picture and it was important to learn about the actual people the systems around us impact. I worked at Western as a Residence Manager, which allowed me to ground my learning in practical and related experiences to help me grow as a professional and to take a passive information tool and make it more dynamic to allow us to be responsive to student needs. HIS also helped me shift my focus to a more system wide approach which led me to seek a leadership role as the Assistant Manager for Residence Life at Queen's to bring a more information informed approach to the work and improve the student experience."

What would you say to a person considering the program?

"I strongly encourage you to consider the HIS program as it allows you to explore your interests in an interdisciplinary way. It gives you the skills to explore problems and question with a holistic approach. The program gives you a new perspective on the value and application of health information to improve programs, policies, and systems."

Fun Fact

Parmveer is a huge Marvel Comic book fan and has watched all the MCU movies, shows and spin offs.