Alumni Profile - Alexandra Boston, MHIS'19

Current position: Quality Assurance Specialist, Indigenous Child Welfare Agency


How did HIS help you get where you are in your career?

"The HIS program provided me with the graduate level fundamentals to explore a cross-functional learning environment between academia and community-based practice. The fundamentals instilled during my experience have been tremendously beneficial in my current role as a Quality Assurance Specialist at an Indigenous Child Welfare Agency. The dynamic learning opportunity, between engaging, thought provoking courses and independent research, strengthened my qualitative and quantitative data analysis skills, and facilitated a better understanding of dissemination and mobilization of information."

What would you say to a person considering the program?

"One of the distinguishing features that led me to pursue a MHIS was its unique flexibility in program structure and research options. This was confirmed in my cohort of classmates as we all came from diverse academic backgrounds and had the intention of pursuing research in equally diverse fields. The HIS program is led by extremely generous and supportive individuals with immensely varied experiences that are determined to assist students find their own paths of success. To this day they continue to provide me with support, encouragement, and an academic network. I truly believe that the HIS program provides its students with the fundamentals to grow and engage in research that they are passionate about."

Fun Fact

Alexandra has two Bernese Mountain dogs, Betsy and Zoey, and a Golden Retriever, Ralph.