Olivia Whyte: Fashion subcultures & social media

By Kelsey Bush

Olivia's hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Whyte in her element: surrounded by creativity, art and inspiration.


Intuitive. Creative. High-energy.

These are the words Olivia uses to describe herself. Wearing classic Doc Martins and a bright smile; Olivia fills the room with creativity and inspiration as she works toward her Master of Arts in Media Studies.

After earning an undergraduate degree in Media, Information and Technoculture from the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at Western, Olivia wanted to continue the interdisciplinary and theoretical aspects through the MA program. Her research focus is to understand how people self-brand and communicate through fashion on social media.

When asked about her dream job, she jokingly says she wants to establish a shelter for rescue dogs so that they are all cared for and have a home. However, in a more serious tone, Olivia states that she’ll use her degree to work in the field of digital media marketing.

“What am I most passionate about? Well, I think as I get more into figuring out what I really want to do in terms of career, I’m passionate about creativity. I really like seeing what people create come to life, how it represents them and defines them.”
Olivia’s main goal when entering the MA program was to gain a sense of direction. When she finished her undergraduate degree she felt lost, and needed some more time to understand what her career goals were. The MA in Media Studies program has given her the experience and time needed to prepare for the workforce and gain confidence.

Fun Fact

“I’ve had 25 pairs of Converse in my life. I feel like Converse define my sense of style.”

Her work demonstrates her passion for creativity. She really enjoys following the careers of artists and watching their work come to life. This very much relates to what she is inspired by, which are her friends and family. She loves talking to them about her interests and have their support in the pursuit of her dreams. She is continuously inspired by the creative and innovation people in her program.

“I find that the people I have met in the MA in Media Studies program have just been really inspiring. To be able to hear what they are interested in and get that energy and bringing it to myself has been really exciting.”


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