Nafiz Shuva: Improving the Immigration Experience

By Elan Gardner

Nafiz's home country: Bangladesh

Not only is Nafiz Shuva, a PhD student, he is also a proud father of two.


Nafiz Shuva, a PhD candidate in Library and Information Science, has been in school since the year 2000. Over these 19 years, Nafiz has completed two master’s degrees (one in Library and Information Science and one in Digital Library Learning), taught as an Assistant Professor and become a father of two.

With all his school experience, he finds LIS the most rewarding program, partly because of the support he receives from his supervisor, Dr. Paulette Rothbauer. For Nafiz, this program is the perfect balance of theory, practical courses and networking opportunities.

As a newcomer to Canada himself, Nafiz is interested in the experience of other newcomers. Nafiz’s research revolves around identifying the information newcomers need pre-arrival and post-arrival to Canada. As an element of his study, Nafiz surveys and interviews immigrants from Bangladesh to examine their settlement information practices.

Through his research and role as past Chair of the International Graduate Student Issue Committee of Society of Graduate Students at Western, Nafiz has had the opportunity to meet with newcomers and hear about their journey to Canada.

"I’ve met with people who were doctors in their home countries and believed they could quickly become a doctor in Canada. This isn't the case, there are several steps needed to become a Canadian doctor," says Nafiz.

With his research, Nafiz has identified the massive misconception in how difficult it is to integrate culturally and professionally in Canada.

"LIS is a family; you’ll never face a problem alone. There is always someone willing to help you."

His passion and interest in newcomers’ experience in Canada, reflects all facets of his life.

Before FIMS, Nafiz taught as an Assistant Professor in Bangladesh and is currently on study leave. Even with Nafiz’s heavy workload and family life, he still manages to find time to write reference letters and offer career advice to his students back home.

Fun Fact

Nafiz has studied in three European countries: Norway, Estonia and Italy.

As a Professor, Student, and Father, Nafiz is always working but wouldn’t trade his experience at FIMS for anything else because of the support he receives from Dr. Rothbauer and colleagues.

Though after nearly two decades of being in school as a student and later as faculty, Nafiz is open to different opportunities that may come once he completes his PhD. While a position in academia is his main goal, he would also be interested in working for the Canadian government in Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, where he can imagine himself working in policy and research.


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