City Symposium event series: Quality Education

The City Symposium is a unique, 8-part series that brings together an artist, a researcher, a civil servant, and an activist, to discuss a theme from diverse perspectives.

The next event, focusing on Quality Education, takes place on Thursday, May 7 at 6:40 p.m. and features Dobijoki Emanuela Bringi, Speaker and Social Service Worker, Amanda L. Kennedy, Indigenous Social Innovator and Youth Advocate, Rick Pardo, Coordinator of the Culture of Innovation, and Susan Rodger, Psychologist at Western University. Visit the Event Brite site for more information and to register

The FIMS Documentation Project is an effort by staff, faculty and students from FIMS to record the speakers and make their presentations available. This helps the series attain its knowledge mobilization goals. Completed videos are available on the City Symposium website.