FIMS Career Services Officer ready to assist students

Do you worry about where your degree will ultimately lead you?

Devin GoletsFIMS has a 20-year history of graduating students who go on to excel in a wide variety of industries, building careers in the non-profit sector, marketing, advertising, public relations, social justice, entertainment, journalism, media production and more.

But as the job and economic landscape continues to evolve, presenting new challenges for young professionals entering the marketplace for the first time, the faculty is taking steps to provide even more customized, in-house assistance to students.

As such, FIMS is pleased to have Devin Golets, FIMS Career Services Officer, on board in his new, full-time staff position as part of the Undergraduate Student Services team. Golets will be coordinating the already well-established FIMS internship program, as well as developing and delivering a wide range of programs, activities and services to help students transition from university to the workplace.

Career Services for students

As part of his portfolio as Career Services Officer, Golets will be available to provide career development coaching for undergraduate students in FIMS. By helping students develop essential skills for effective career decision-making and job searching, Golets aims to see them graduate with a plan, and confidence in their next steps.

This January, Golets has been actively involved with the FIMS Career Conference, open to fourth year students. Along with keynote speakers, a slate of alumni representing many different types of careers will offer breakout sessions for registered students, providing advice and insight into their industries. Golets also has an eye on the future, and is looking for new ways to connect current students with FIMS alumni. Additionally, in-house workshops are being developed covering career-related topics that will benefit students in all years.

“As a recent FIMS grad myself (BA’15, MIT), I’m excited to make that connection between our students and alumni, through avenues like the Career Conference. Alumni can be a valuable source of advice for new professionals. I’m also looking forward to developing new tools that will be available to students not just in their final year, but throughout their degree,” Golets says.

The FIMS Internship Program

Golets will coordinate the internship program, available to 3rd and 4th year FIMS students, by building relationships with employers that open up work opportunities. He will be available to guide students through the internship process, meeting with them one-on-one to advise them on their resume, cover letter, and approach to applying or interviewing for a job.

Already a well-established internship program, Golets’ presence is expected to enhance it further with a renewed focus on finding new opportunities for students. He will be an important resource for upper year students looking to gain valuable work experience through a placement.

“As the direct point of contact for our industry partners, I'm looking forward to maintaining our relationship and reputation with employers. It's also a pleasure to interact with our students on a regular basis. Keeping open channels between myself and both students and employers is very important, as the relationships I build with employers reflect feedback I’ve received from students, and vice versa,” Golets explains.