FIMS announces partnership with TVO as part of Ontario Hubs initiative

The TVO program The Agenda with Steve Paikin has announced it will place reporters in a number of hubs around Ontario who will produce in-depth journalism about issues affecting the region. A hub has been established in London, in partnership with the Faculty of Information & Media Studies.

FIMS will host a journalist-in-residence who will serve as the Southwestern Ontario editor tasked with telling local stories and submitting weekly contributions to TVO's flagship current affairs program. Mary Baxter, a local freelance writer and editor who was a 2007 co-winner of the Canadian Association of Journalists investigative magazine feature award, has been named to the London hub editor position.

The partnership will provide experiential and internship opportunities to FIMS students and offer them occasions to interact regularly with a working journalist. It will also position  the Faculty as a significant contributer to public and educational broadcasting.

On September 6, TVO posted an introduction to their Ontario Hubs initiative. Watch Introducing the Ontario Hubs for more information.