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The FIMS & Nursing Building

The FIMS community moved into the FIMS & Nursing Building in December 2016, while the building opened for general use in September 2017. Shared with the Faculty of Health Sciences' Nursing program, the 130,000 sq. ft. building sits on the corner of Huron Drive and Lambton Drive. The space includes media studios, flex space, an expanded FIMS Graduate Library, and common areas for gathering, studying and interacting, with a premium on seating and break-out areas for students. Natural light is also an important feature, with large walls of windows found on all sides of the building.

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FIMS Graduate Library

The FIMS Graduate Library is a special library currently located in room 3020, FIMS & Nursing Building, Western University. The FIMS Graduate Library supports all students, faculty, and staff involved in graduate education in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at Western. We provide access to electronic databases and print collections, including books, periodicals, audiovisual resources and equipment, course reserves and a makerspace. Staff deliver instructional workshops through their series titled "At the library".

Location: On-site at FIMS, FIMS & Nursing Building, Room 3020
Subjects: Health Information Science, Journalism, Media Studies, Popular Music & Culture, Library & Information Science

Access: The FIMS Graduate Library supports our graduate community, along with alumni, and external researchers and practitioners who wish to access our resources. Resources do not circulate and are for in-house use only. FIMS Graduate Library holdings are included in the Western Libraries catalogue.

Visit the FIMS Graduate Library Website.