Faculty News

  • Recent book publications from FIMS faculty members

    "Inhuman Power: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Capitalism" is a new book published by FIMS Professors Nick Dyer-Witheford, Atle Mikkola Kjosen and Media Studies PhD candidate James Steinhoff, via Pluto Press.

  • FIMS Professor Nadine Wathen awarded a new Canada Research Chair

    Nadine Wathen was among nine newly named Western Canada Research Chairs announced, receiving a Tier 1 CRC in Mobilizing Knowledge on Gender-Based Violence. The CRC program invests millions each year to attract and retain accomplished researchers.

  • HaakSaan Essay: Realities must be shared - thanks or no thanks

    In a crowded coffee shop in downtown London, I sat with a colleague interviewing a subject for an upcoming story. We hadn't known her for more than 10 minutes, and yet she spoke to us with the comfort and confidence of a long-time friend.

  • Fighting Doug Ford's budget cuts to Ontario libraries

    By Samuel Trosow, The Conversation, May 13, 2019: Ontario's Doug Ford government recently tabled a budget imposing substantial cuts to the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) and Ontario Library Service North (OLSN).