Faculty News

  • The importance of thoughtful resistance in the age of Trump

    Professor Ajit Pyati - The Conversation Canada - December 16: As resistance to Donald Trump's presidency continues to dominate American political life, it's worth asking the question: what exactly is being resisted?

  • The Student Experience: Ethical Journalism

    Motivated by his family's experience in Korea and his personal conviction that ethical reporting is essential to a functioning democracy, Bryan Kim donated to the Faculty of Information and Media Studies to establish the Haak Saan Responsible Journalism Scholarship.

  • London researchers want to recover El Salvador's forgotten past

    August 29, 2018: Professor Amanda Grzyb recently spoke with CBC News about her ongoing research project titled, "Surviving Memory in Postwar El Salvador." Together with collaborators, Grzyb is working to restore memories from the Salvadoran civil war, which lasted from 1979 to 1992.