FIMS Profile

Niel Scobie

Niel Scobie is a PhD student in Media Studies and holds an MA from Carleton University in Music and Culture and a BA (Honours) from Vancouver Island University in Digital Media Studies.

Research Interests:
Popular music and culture, hip-hop studies, Canadian media theorists, sports and propaganda, political economy of communications, curriculum design.

Stewart, Jesse and Niel Scobie. “Hip hop Music in Canada: Local and Translocal Identities.” Oxford Handbook of Hip Hop Music Studies. Forthcoming.

Stewart, Jesse and Niel Scobie. “The Diasporic Routes and Roots of Early Canadian Hip Hop.” Traditional Musics in Canada: Contemporary Expressions and Cultural Resonances. Edited by Anna Hoefnagels, Sherry A. Johnson, and Judith Klassen. Forthcoming.

Scobie, Niel. Review of Legions of Boom: Filipino American Mobile DJ Crews in the San Francisco Bay Area, by Oliver Wang. Perfect Beat Vol.17 no.1, 2016.

Scobie, Niel. “‘We Wanted Our Coffee Black’: Public Enemy, Improvisation, and Noise.” Critical Studies in Improvisation Vol. 10 no. 1, 2014.

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