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Madeleine McMillan is a PhD student in the Media Studies program. She holds a Master's degree from OCAD University in the New Media stream of the Contemporary Art, Design, and New Media Art Histories program. She received her BA from McMaster University in 2016, with a Combined Honours Degree in Art History and Multimedia Art.

Her focus of research stems from an interest in projection art, and the ways in which the mutable screen can be manipulated by the artist in order to establish new meanings, either through a site, nature, or in human action.

Madeleine McMillan is committed to understanding the ways in which new media art technologies have the ability to educate and interact with an audience. She is also deeply interested in reflecting as a settler scholar in response to the selectivity of history within the Canadian colonial landscape and the institutional archive. She works to explore different ways of obtaining knowledge through memory sharing as spoken language, music, and art installations.