FIMS Profile

Dr. Kane X Faucher

Areas of Inquiry: information theory, data politics, propaganda and persuasion, Gilbert Simondon, Gilles Deleuze, Guy Debord, digital narcissism, online aggression, semiotics of the web / critical internet studies, and metastable systems theory. Faucher is also a novelist whose influences include Borges, Barth, and Will Self.

Recent Academic Work: Social Capital: Accumulation and Alienation (Westminster University Press, 2018), The Cost of Doing Nothing (with Bill Irwin and Jan Klakurka, Municipal World Publishing, 2018), and articles in Semiotic Review and Municipal World.

Courses taught at FIMS: Propaganda in Print and Visual Culture, Social Networking: Theory and Practice, Media and Audiences, Net-Work: Labour and Profit, Social Networking (Digital Communications).

Kane also teaches in the Local Government Program in the Department of Political Science, and runs workshops on professional communications for the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks, and Treasurers of Ontario. In addition, he is also a founding partner of Compass Point Consulting, specializing in strategic planning and communications for Ontario municipalities. Faucher's webpage.