MMJC student awarded the 2023 CBC Joan Donaldson Scholarship

Trishla Parekh headshot

June 2023

Watching the news has always been a part of Trishla Parekh's life.

“I grew up watching The National with Peter Mansbridge every day at nine o’clock. It was a ritual for me and my family,she says.

Now the Master of Media in Journalism and Communication (MMJC) student is experiencing journalism from the other side of the screen both through her coursework and also as one of 12 students selected for the 2023 CBC Joan Donaldson Scholarship.

After my first video story in MMJC, my dad texted me 'I already see you as the next Lady Mansbridge',which was super sweet and funny, Trishla said.

As a CBC Joan Donaldson Scholar, Trishla is interning at the CBC, working on several different programs including the radio magazine show Q, and the CBC's flagship news program The National. She is also working for the regional office in Kitchener, Ontario.

"I feel so lucky to have this opportunity, where I get to learn from some of the most brave and creative journalists, who continue to push boundaries with their work,"she says.

Students selected as Joan Donaldson scholars gain hands-on experience across all areas of multimedia journalism. The paid position lets students build their skills and make connections across the country as they work to launch their professional careers.

Before attending Western University, Trishla earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of Toronto (UofT). Although she had minimal media experience before enrolling in the MMJC program, she was enthusiastic and passionate about applying.

"Before I applied, I had no experience in media. I recorded my voice for an audio clip hunched down in a closet, filmed using the camera on the back of my phone, and edited on basic software like garage band and iMovie. The admission committee is looking for enthusiasm and potential." says Trishla.

Now she is using her natural curiosity about the world around her and her ability to connect with others to see the world in different ways and tell important stories.

Working as an intern, and also in her final semester in the MMJC program, she is excited about launching her career alongside exceptional journalists, all while finding her unique voice and trying out new kinds of reporting.

Trishla's ultimate career goal is to become an interviewer, specifically as a music journalist. She relishes the opportunity to delve into an artist's mind, exploring their inspiration and creative process. Trishla says getting to try this out as a CBC intern is like "winning the golden ticket."

“Music journalism has always been a dream of mine. I love picking an artist’s brain to learn more about their inspiration and creative process,” she says.

When Trishla walks into the CBC building every morning for work, she passes by huge posters of journalists that are hanging on the wall. While she’s only at the beginning of her professional career, she says “One day, I’d love to see my name up there, as well.”

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