Capturing the student experience at Western University

Head and shoulders of Taylor C standing inside the FIMS & Nursing Building atrium

Intern: Taylor C

Position: Social Media Intern, Western Communications

Western University is located in London, Ontario, and has an student population of approximately 34,000 (undergraduate and graduate students).

Tell us about a typical day in your internship?

“During my internship a typical day would consist of either a work from home scenario or a shift in the office. Usually, to start off my day as a Social Media Intern I would partake in a 'social scan' of all of Western's social channels. During these social scans, I would flag any alarming or beneficial information and place my findings in the daily brief document. This process would ensure to keep all members of the communications and media relations team in the loop. The next daily task would be to either continue to work on a media creation, or brainstorm for the next one. My main goal each week was to develop shareable content appropriate for specific networks to both promote the Western brand and our content. In this way I was able to channel Western’s voice into dozens of content pieces shared across social media platforms such as Instagram & TikTok. During projects, I had a large focus on diversity and inclusivity which was reflected in my typical daily tasks.”

What skills did you learn and develop in your internship?

“I learned a lot about the importance of collaboration and implementing feedback into your work. After drafting social content for a post, I would review with my supervisor the next steps to strengthen the content and make it the most suitable for a specific target audience. I also learned a lot about editing, revising, teamwork and the practice of always using inclusive language.”

What was a highlight of your internship experience?

“The highlight of my internship experience was getting to see my own work reflected within the Western community. After an Instagram post was released that I helped to create & draft, or a TikTok that I created was posted, it was a rewarding experience to know that my work had reached the Western community in positive ways. As well, during my experience I made amazing connections within the Western community and learned so much about the work of media relations teams."

What did you find challenging about your internship experience?

“I think the biggest challenge I faced during my internship was having to creatively think about every task I took on. Whether this was the very first TikTok video I produced about Homecoming, or developing interactive Instagram stories, I always had to figure out what my target audience wanted to see and how they differ from platform to platform. For example, more family members & guardians of Western students may be likely to view Western’s Facebook page over their TikTok, thus my TikTok audience was very much based on current and prospective students and how to draw them into engaging within the content and keeping them informed about Western services and events in creative ways.”

What advice do you have for a FIMS student who is considering an internship?

“Without a doubt, I would tell any FIMS students to take part in a FIMS internship. I feel there is no better way to get hands on experience and learn about the professional working atmosphere that interests you. Through an internship, students will learn so much and develop their professional and interpersonal skills to learn what kind of role works for them. The FIMS internship helped me get closer to defining the type of career I hope to have one day and making connections for future opportunities.”