New faculty publications - Fall 2022

Misinformation and Disinformation: Detecting Fakes with the Eye and AI

Misinformation and Disinformation Cover ArtBy Victoria L. Rubin

Published in June 2022 by Springer

About the book: This book, geared towards both students and professionals, examines the synthesis of artificial intelligence (AI) and psychology in detecting mis-/disinformation in digital media content, and suggests practical means to intervene and curtail this current global ‘infodemic’. This interdisciplinary book explores technological, psychological, philosophical, and linguistic insights into the nature of truth and deception, trust and credibility, cognitive biases and logical fallacies and how, through AI and human intervention, content users can be alerted to the presence of deception. The author investigates how AI can mimic the procedures and know-hows of humans, showing how AI can help spot fakes and how AI tools can work to debunk rumors and fact-check. The book describes how AI detection systems work and how they fit with broader societal and individual concerns. Each chapter focuses attention on key concepts and their inter-connection (continue reading).

Organizing Equality: Dispatches from a Global Struggle

Organizing Equality Cover ArtEdited by Alison Hearn, James Compton, Nick Dyer-Witheford, Amanda Grzyb

Published in August 2022 by McGill-Queen’s University Press

About the book: Struggles for equality happen in all corners of the world. While social and economic justice movements are specific to their different national contexts, identities, and forms of oppression, collaboration and coalition building are required if we are to attain sustainable equality and healing justice. Organizing Equality engages activist and scholarly debates about the organization of social and economic equality movements around the globe. The collection covers a myriad of issues, approaches, and experiences, forging a link between critical scholarly studies and journalistic and artistic works that offer more personal and hands-on perspectives. Moving from a broad discussion of resistance and solidarity, contributors examine case studies in their specific national contexts, such as movement building in Greece, caste politics in India, land struggles in Guatemala, student debt resistance movements in the United States, and the fight to indigenize higher education in Canada (continue reading).

Data Justice (First Edition)

Data Justice Cover ArtBy Lina Dencik, Arne Hintz, Joanna Redden, Emiliano Treré

Published in October 2022 by Sage Publishing

About the book: In an age of datafication, the systematic collection, analysis and exploitation of data impacts all aspects of our social lives. Crucially, there are winners and losers in this. From access to services, to the risk of being wrongfully targeted, to our very understanding of the social world and what we think matters in it. Data Justice is a cutting-edge exploration of the power relations that lay at the heart of our datafied lives. It outlines the intricate relationship between datafication and social justice, exploring how societies are, will, and should be affected by data-driven technology and automation. From data capitalism and data colonialism, to data harms and data activism – this book is an expert guide to the debates central to understanding the injustices of life in a datafied society. It is also an urgent and impassioned call to challenge and reimagine these injustices. To work collectively to achieve a fairer and more just future (continue reading).