How Temo Gare Launched a Successful Career in Media After Graduation

By Keena Alwahaidi

Temo's hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Temo Primrose Gare is a recent MMJC graduate who is currently a thriving content creator and journalist.


When Temo Gare first heard about Western’s communications and journalism graduate program, she didn’t think much about it. At the time, the only city in Canada she had lived in was Toronto, and she wasn’t aware of the potential that schools outside of the city had to offer. It wasn’t until she looked deeper into the MMJC program that she realized how much she could gain from a master’s degree that teaches advanced skills for both the journalism and communications industries.

Looking back, she compares the program’s qualities with other schools in a great light: it was cheaper, faster and more efficient than the other programs she had been looking at. Temo also credits MMJC with helping her land on her feet post-graduation. “They really prepare you for the industry.”

“I just looked at the MMJC program and said, 'You know what? It's a winner for me'.”
Temo is currently a manager and communications assistant to the President at FirstService Residential. Before that, she was a TV Segment Producer for BNN Bloomberg in Toronto. She got the job shortly after graduating from the MMJC program.

After landing noteworthy internships during the MMJC program’s summer term with big-name media outlets, such as CTV London and Newstalk (a radio station owned by Bell Media), Temo found her on-site experience from interning gave her leverage to start her career quickly after graduation. When she completed the internships and graduated from the MMJC program, she got an opportunity to work at BNN Bloomberg. From there, she started the next chapter of her story as a master communicator and storyteller.

Fun Fact

Temo created and produced her own television show.

Temo also says studying for a master's degree in journalism and communications gave her skills she’s found herself actively using in the workforce. She recalls a time when she had to use Burli, a news software that is taught in MMJC, when she was interning at the Newstalk radio station. Temo describes how relieved and confident she felt since it was a tool she had already learned how to use in class.

The assignments and projects given as a student in Western’s Master of Media in Journalism and Communication program advanced Temo’s skills significantly—this is something she says she’s thankful for. The assignments included real work and scenarios she would later be faced with outside of the program. “The projects they give you to work on are the same projects you would get in a real work environment.”

Temo credits a lot of her fast and productive work ethic to the internship that came out of MMJC. “It’s very important, especially when you’re just starting off, to leave the program having a little bit of work experience.”

The MMJC program has allowed many students to launch successful careers in journalism, communications, marketing and other media-focused industries. If you’re interested in starting your media career, apply to Western’s MMJC program to Start Your Story!

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