Thesis and Dissertation Defenses - January - June 2015

Liam Young. Media Studies PhD.  (December 2014).  What's in a list?' Cultural Techniques, Logistics, Poeisis.  (Supervisor: Bernd Frohmann)

Angela Pollak.  LIS PhD.  (March 2015).  Words To Live By: How Experience Shapes Our Information World at Work, Play, and in Everyday Life.  (Supervisor: Lynne McKechnie)

Kristen Colbeck. MA Media Studies.  (April 2015).  Navigating the Social Landscape: An Exploration of Social Networking Site Usage among Emerging Adults.  (Supervisor: Anabel Quan-Haase)

Mackenize Enns.  MA PMC.  (April 2015).  Game Scoring: Towards a Broader Theory. (Supervisor: Jay Hodgson)

Ahmad Kamal.  LIS PhD.  (April 2015).  Contentious information: Accounts of knowledge production, circulation and consumption in transitional Egypt.  (Supervisor: Ajit Pyati)

Carolyne Nabalema.  MHIS.  (April 2015).  Evidence-Informed Advocacy: Non-Profit Organizations Use of Evidence for Policy Influence in Public Health - A Case Study of Wash Org Uganda.  (Supervisor: Anita Kothari)

Peggy Nzomo.  LIS PhD.  (April 2015).  Multilingual Information Access: Practices and Perceptions of Bi/multilingual Academic Users.  (Supervisor: Isola Ajiferuke)

Selma Tobah.  MHIS.  (April 2015).  Muslim Leaders' Understandings of Mental Health, Mental Illness, and Depression in Immigrant Women and Those Found in Consumer Health Materials: A Discourse Analysis.  (Supervisor: Roma Harris)

Elise Thorburn.  Media Studies PhD.  (May 2015).  Human-Machinic Assemblages: Technologies, Bodies, and the Recuperation of Social Reproduction in the Crisis Era.  (Supervisor: Nick Dyer-Witheford)