Master of Media in Journalism & Communication (MMJC)

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Give us a year and we’ll change your life

Our new Master of Media in Journalism & Communication will allow you to move seamlessly among journalism, communications and other media careers. We have taken the best features of our previous program – a tradition of great storytelling and ethical journalism – and added more. In addition to being able to work as journalists, you will be qualified for employment in a wide array of communications-related fields. And you will have the strategic thinking, content creation and media production skills you will need to thrive as the media landscape changes.

The first program of its kind in Canada

The reimagined program continues our legacy of breaking new ground. Here are a few features that make the MMJC different from other programs:

  • a one-year program, two terms on-campus plus one term offsite
  • a master's degree that will open more doors for your career than a diploma, certificate or undergraduate degree
  • a chance to learn both journalism and communications
    • the flexibility to move between career paths
    • do BOTH kinds of jobs more effectively
  • an innovative internship term in a media job that suits the student's career goals, and is supported by virtual teaching
  • understand the underlying principles of media production, not just a 'how to' program
  • the opportunity to take courses in such fields as:
    • data mining
    • health and information
    • copyright
    • political affairs
    • international affairs
  • the opportunity to work with non-profits, NGOs, and other civil society groups in your internship and in coursework
  • acquire the agility to find new ways of telling stories as they emerge in a rapidly changing landscape
See How to Apply or Why Choose the MMJC on why we think this might be the right program for you.

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