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The following master's theses have been completed by students in the MA in Media Studies program to date.

( Note: hyperlinks are included for theses that were submitted to Scholarship@Western and are now available through Western's Electronic Theses & Dissertation Repository. Those without hyperlinks are not currently available through the e-repository).


Titles from 2016

DelPino, Alan (October 2017). The Representation of the Canadian Goverment's Warrantless Domestic Collection of Metadata in the Canadian Print News Media. (Supervisors: Dr. Jackie Burkell and Dr. Pam McKenzie).

Rashid, Shahad
(October 2017). Mapping the Arab Diaspora: Examining Placelessness and Memory in Arab Art. (Supervisor: Tim Blackmore).

Griffin, Darcy
(September 2017). (Not) One of the Boys: A Case Study of Female Detectives on HBO. (Supervisor: Dr. Susan Knabe)

Pieber, Darryl
(July 2017). A Place for Locative Media: A Theoretical Framework for Assessing Locative Media Use in Urban Environments. (Supervisor: Dr. Anabel Quan-Haase)

Fanning, Jessica (October 2016). Shifting Temporalities: The Construction of Flexible Subjectivities through Part-Time Retail Workers' Use of Smartphone Technology. (Supervisor: Dr. Sarah Roberts) 

Campbell, Jaime A.
(September 2016). Law and Abuse: Representations of Intimate Partner Homicide in Law Procedural Dramas. (Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Torres)

Britten, Charlotte
. (August 2016). Finding Your Way: Navigating Online News and Opinions. (Supervisor: Dr. Jacquelyn Burkell)

Titles from 2011-2015

Leclerc, Roberto. (August 2015). Satirical News and Political Subversiveness: A Critical Approach to The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. (Supervisor: Dr. James Compton)

Colbeck, Kristen
. (April 2015). Navigating the Social Landscape: An Exploration of Social Networking Site Usage among Emerging Adults. (Supervisor: Dr. Anabel Quan-Haase)

Madrenas, Clara. (November 2014). Media Literacy and the English as a Second Language Curriculum: A Curricular Critique & Dreams for the Future. (Supervisor: Dr. Amanda Grzyb)

Bayer, Alanna. (August  2014). Evangelizing the "Gallery Of the Future”: A Critical Analysis of the Google Art Project Narrative and its Political, Cultural and Technological Contradictions. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Spence, Jennifer. (August  2014). Labours Of Love: Fan Labour, Cultural Products, and the Monetization of Fandom. (Supervisor: Dr. Susan Knabe)

Eisner-Levine, Amy. (June 2014). Man Versus Food: An Analysis of ‘Dude Food’ Television and Public Health. (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Robinson)

Almon, Trevor. (April 2014). The Imaginary Life of Revolt: Alienation, Nostalgia, and the Digital Mediation of the Radical Subject. (Supervisor: Dr. Alison Hearn)

Devlin, Matthew. (April 2014). Cultivating Better Brains: Transhumanism and its Critics on the Ethics of Cognitive Enhancement Via Brain-Computer Interfacing. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Macklem, Lisa. (December 2013). We're on This Road Together: The Changing Fan/Producer Relationship in Television as Demonstrated by Supernatural. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Gabriel, Elias. (October 2013). Manufacturing Legitimacy: A Critical Theory of Election News Coverage. (Supervisor: Dr. James Compton)

Chiang, Samuel. (September 2013). Anonymous: Exploring Polemics and Non-Identity. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Morgan, Danielle. (September 2013). Money, Morals, and Human Rights: Commercial Influences in the Marketing, Branding, and Fundraising of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch. (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Robinson)

Blazevic, Charles. (April 2013). Distinguishing the “Vanguard” from the “Insipid”: Exploring the Valorization of Mainstream Popular Music in Online Indie Music Criticism. (Supervisor: Dr. Matt Stahl)

Rotstein, Cari. (December 2012). Online Social Breast-Working: Representations of Breast Milk Sharing in the 21st Century. (Supervisor: Dr. Romayne Smith-Fullerton)

Viteo, Kayley. (December 2012). Day of the Woman?: Feminism and Rape-Revenge Films. (Supervisor: Dr. Alison Hearn)

Butosi, Craig. (August 2012). Social Net-working: Exploring the Political Economy of the Online Social Network Industry. (Supervisor: Dr. Samuel Trosow)

Baxter, Sarah. (July 2012). Watching High School: Representing Disempowerment on Teen Drama Television. (Supervisor: Dr. Paulette Rothbauer)

Lukacs, Veronica. (July 2012). It's Complicated: Romantic Breakups and Their Aftermath on Facebook. (Supervisor: Dr. Anabel Quan-Haase)

Phippard, Trisha. (July 2012). The (m)Health Connection: An Examination of the Promise of Mobile Phones for HIV/AIDS Intervention in Sub-Saharan Africa. (Supervisor: Dr. Sandra Smeltzer)

Raymond, Justin. (April 2012). Born Again Hard: Transgender Subjectivity in Paul Chadwick's Concrete. (Supervisor: Dr. Susan Knabe)

Harvey, Daniel. (February 2012). The Invisible Genocide: An Analysis of ABC, CBS, and NBC Television News Coverage of the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda. (Supervisor: Dr. Amanda Grzyb)

Lai, Jessica. (November 2011). A Frame Analysis of NGO Literature on Internet Censorship in China: The Case of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and Reporters Without Borders. (Supervisor: Dr. Sandra Smeltzer)

McGuigan, Lee. (September 2011). Commodity Audience,Commodity Everything: Interrogating T-Commerce in the United States Cable Industry. (Supervisor: Dr. Edward Comor)

Armstrong, Breanne. (August 2011). Watching You, Watching Me: Representations of Female Fans and Fan Communities in Academia, News Media and Popular Culture. (Supervisor: Dr. Susan Knabe)

Martin, Channelle. (August 2011). A Black Girl Named After a Plantation: The Case of Tara Thornton and Ironic Racism in Alan Ball’s True Blood. (Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Torres)

Hiltz, Emily. (June 2011).  A Force of Nature: The Maternal Appetite of Good and Evil Women in "Snow White," "Hansel and Gretel," and "Rapunzel." (Supervisor: Dr. Romayne Smith Fullerton)

Titles from 2006-2010

Hunt, Daryl. (October 2010). Terror Out of Context: Jacques Ellul's Technique Applied to National Security Problems from the Red Scare to 9/11. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Kjosen, Atle. (August 2010). An accident of value: A Marxist - Virilian analysis of digital piracy". (Supervisor: Dr. Bernd Frohmann)

Pedri, Jennesia. (July 2010). The limitations of fidelity in the novel-film adaptation of Peter Pan, Where the Wild Things Are, Alice in Wonderland, Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Twilight Saga. (Supervisor: Dr. Lynne McKechnie)

McGeagh, Brendan. (July 2010). From Canada For the World: National Myth and the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. (Supervisor: Dr. Sharon Sliwinski)

Afsahi, Nazgol. (July 2010). A Discourse Analysis of Transsexuality Through Three Fields: Expert Knowledges in Legal, Medical and News Texts. (Supervisor: Dr. Amanda Grzyb)

Wheal, Stacey. (June 2010). What Light Through Yonder Window Breaks?: Exploring Literacy Discourse via 'Net Gen' Adaptations of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Rogers, James. (May 2010). Killer Vacations' and 'Murder Music: The Discourses of Gay Identity, Consumerism, and Race in the Gay-Dancehall Confrontation. (Supervisor: Dr. Susan Knabe)

Pirie, Maeghan. (April 2010). Collaborating Dialogues: Filmmaking Practices of Barb Cranmer, Shelley Niro, and Alanis Obomsawin. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Preston, Melanie. (April 2010). Situating the Stage, Playing the Field: The Politics of Location in Leaky Heaven's Ziggurat. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Cornell, Kerstin. (December 2009). The Antioch Debacle: A Corporatist Misadventure in Higher Education. (Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Torres)

Cohen, Dustin. (November 2009). Objet Petit (a)vatar: Psychoanalysis, Posthumanism and the Question of the Self in Second Life Student. (Supervisors: Dr. Sharon Sliwinski and Dr. Alison Hearn)

Nelson, Craig. (September 2009). Adult Swim: Reflexivity as an Entertainment Television Brand. (Supervisor: Dr. Amanda Grzyb)

Carrocci, Lindsay. (June 2009). Representing the Promotional University: Undergraduate Student Recruitment Strategies in Ontario, 1997-2007. (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Robinson)

Gladstone, Lia. (June 2009). Locating the 'Act' in Activist Art: Exploring the Pedagogical Possibilities of 'My Life in 5 Minutes' For Feminist Students. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Murray, Cameron. (June 2009). Multiform Narratives in the Heterotopic Space of Technoscience: A Critical Instance Case Study of a Western Canadian Genomics Research Facility. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Noon, Derek. (August 2008). Machines for Living: The Situationist International and Videogames. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Luedecke, Patricia. (August 2008). The Guilded Goddess at the Gate: Idyllic Industry, Blooming Myths and Cybersilence in the Garden. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Schmalz, Michael. (August 2008). The Not-So-Long Tail of Digital Play. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Williams, Sherilyn. (July 2008). Crafting Resistance: Handmade Culture as Third-Wave Feminist Response to Consumerism. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Young, Alyson. (July 2008). Defacing the 'Book: Examining Information Revelation, Internet Privacy Concerns and Privacy Protection in Facebook. (Supervisor: Dr. Anabel Quan-Haase)

Black, Toban. (June 2008). Hypermodern Ecological Degradation: An Innisian Critique. (Supervisor: Dr. Robert Babe)

Preston, Jeffrey Michael. (June 2008). Augmented Ability, Integrated Identity: Understanding Disability, Adaptive Technology and the Construction of Identity. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Svec, Henry. (June 2008). The World Can’t Tell You How You Are: The Actors’ Studio, Inside the Actors Studio, and the Performance of Being. (Supervisor: Dr. Alison Hearn)

Arntfield, Mike. (August 2007). Version 5.0: A Genealogy of Technological Determinism in Modern Law Enforcement & the Rise of the Television Police Drama. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Kish, Zenia. (August 2007). In the Eye of Hurricane Katrina: How a Media Storm Brought America’s Third World into Public View. (Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Torres)

Pietrzyk, Kamila. (August 2007). Exit from the Myopic Impasse: Social Movement Strategy in the Age of the Internet. (Supervisor: Dr. Edward Comor)

Cruz, Trent. (July 2007). Gaming the Good War: Playing World War II Video Games in the Shadow of the War on Terror. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Zomer, Arielle. (July 2007). Tuning Into CFPL: The Role of CFPL-AM and CFPL-FM Radio Stations in Building and Maintaining a Local Community Identitiy in London, Ontario 1922-2007. (Supervisor: Dr. David Spencer)

Timmins, Rachel. (June 2007). Crisis, Collapse, Creation: A Virilian Examination of Technological Penetration and Its Effect on Identity. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Armstrong, Matthew. (April 2007). Is Terrorism Dialogue? (Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Torres)

Dick, Maren. (April 2007). Cross-media Youth Programming, Critical Pedagogy and the Case of RENEGADEPRESS.COM. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Shepherd, Tamara. (April 2007). Identity, Embodiment and Subversion in Pro-Anorexia Weblogs. (Supervisor: Dr. Alison Hearn)

Swain, Stephen. (April 2007). Mediated Heroism: A Discourse Analysis of the Hero Image of Pat Tillman. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Ward, Kadie. (April 2007). The Creative City and the Creative Class(es): How they restructure the local in the city of London, Ontario. (Supervisors: Dr. Tim Blackmore and Dr. Joy Parr)

Elias, Rebecca. (December 2006). Democratic Illusions: Mythic Heroism and National Fantasy in Post-9/11 Superhero Films. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Arbour, Joseph. (November 2006). Bring Us Back to the Future, Not Forward to the Past: The Modernist Sensibilities and Postmodern Anxieties of Exclaim! Magazine. (Supervisor: Dr. Keir Keightley)

Jacques, Alison. (August 2006). The Pretty Accused: Evelyn Dick in the Press and Popular Culture, 1946-2006. (Supervisor: Dr. Daniel Robinson)

Manzerolle, Vincent. (August 2006). The Consumer Database, Consumer Sovereignty, and the Commercial Mediation of Identity in the United States. (Supervisor: Dr. Edward Comor)

Schach, Emily. (August 2006). Icon of Consumption: The Cosmo Girl and the Commodification of Femininity, 1965-1975. (Supervisors: Dr. Alison Hearn and Dr. Daniel Robinson)

Song, Chan (Melody). (August 2006). Editing Culture: Chinese-Made Movies' Exoticization of Chineseness. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Micheti, Anca. (July 2006). Epidemics and their Meanings: Representations of SARS in Canadian Newspapers. (Supervisor: Dr. Jacquelyn Burkell)

Harris, Rhea. (April 2006). America in the End Zone: Football, Nationalism, and the New England Patriots. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Kudirka, David. (April 2006). Shooter: Character in Video Games. (Supervisor: Dr. Nick Dyer-Witheford)

Titles from 2000-2005

Carr, Ryan. (August 2005). Insubstantial Life: Theoretical Conversations on Media and their Role in Determining (?) Culture. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Papayanis, Alena M. (August 2005). Soldiering for President: John Kerry’s Vietnam Veteran Campaign in the Age of the Iraqi Frontier. (Supervisor: Dr. Tim Blackmore)

Wong, Anna S.P. (August 2005). Representation of the Self in Online Chat Rooms: Identity Play. (Co-Supervisors: Dr. Catherine Ross and Dr. Jacqueline Burkell)

van der Veen, John. (May 2005). Information and the Mind-Matter Divide: Unpacking the Works of Gregory Bateson and Kenneth Boulding. (Supervisor: Dr. Robert Babe)

Zeffiro, Andrea F. (November 2004). Ready-to-Where?: The Cultural Politics of the Runway Space. (Supervisor: Dr. Carole Farber)

Kerr, Kate G.L. (September 2004). 'Living to die': The Culture of Hip Hop Death. (Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Torres)

Solursh, Catherine. (September 2004). Claiming our Groove: Female Club DJs and an Exploration of Gender and Technology. (Co-Supervisors: Dr. Carole Farber and Dr. Keir Keightley)

West, Peter C. (September 2004). Perceptions of 'Anonymity' Online: Exploring the Concept of Anonymity in an Online Context from the Perspective of the Individual Experiencing It. (Supervisor: Dr. Jacqueline Burkell)

Adams, Kristin. (August 2004). Melodrama as an Educational Tool: Children’s Television and the Case of Degrassi Junior High. (Supervisor: Dr. Sasha Torres)

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