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Perspectives on Library and Information Science
Information Organization, Curation and Access
Information Sources and Services
Research Methods and Statistics
Managing and Working in Information Organizations
Professing the Popular: A Midbrow Introduction
Information Policy
Privacy and Surveillance
Information Equity: Social Justice in a Network Society
Information Ethics
Information Literacy: Theory and Practice
Legal Issues for Information Professionals
Special Topic: Progressive Library Politics
Descriptive Cataloguing Theory and Practice
Classification and Indexing
Thesaurus Construction and Metadata
Records Management
Electronic Resources Management
Collection Management
Government Information
Legal Information
Science, Technology and Medical Information
Consumer Health Information
Business and Industry Information
Special Topic: Accessibility and Information Environments
An Introduction to Information Behaviour
Global Information and Development
Children's Materials (Birth - 7 years): Evaluation and Use
Materials for Older Children (8-12 years)
Young Adult Materials
Services for Children and Young Adults
Special Topic: Digital Humanities and Library and Information Science
Special Topic: Services and Materials for an Aging Population
Special Topic: Research Data Management
Special Topic: Public Library Services for Newcomers and Immigrants
Special Topic: Scholarly Communications and Open Access
Readers' Advisory Service in the Public Library
Individual Study
Guided Research I
Guided Research II
Major Research Project Part 1
Major Research Project Part 2
Major Research Project Part 3
Major Research Project Part 4
Knowledge Management
Marketing and Public Relations for Information Professionals
Prospect Research In Fundraising
Information Management
Public Libraries
Academic Libraries
Special Libraries
Introduction to Archives Administration
Archival Arrangement and Description
Special Topic: Introduction to Music Librarianship
Information Retrieval: Research and Practice
Information and Communication in a Digital Age
User Experience Research
Technological Society: Inequality, Power, and Social Networks
Digital Libraries
Information Visualization
Web Design and Architecture
Database Management Systems
Language and Computer Technologies for Libraries and Beyond
Multilingual Information Access
Managing Information Technology in Libraries
Evidence-Based Health Care for Information Professionals
Special Topic: The Facts about Facts: Critical Issues in Media Literacy
Special Topic: Misinformation and Viral Deception
Special Topic: Making and Thinking
Health Reporting and Health Communication
Information Visualization