Course Description

LIS 9322B (Winter 2013)   Evidence-Based Health Care for Information Professionals

Instructor: N. Wathen

Course Description
Information professionals play a key role in evidence-based health care (EBHC) - the application of “best evidence” to health care decisions. This course will provide an overview of EBHC methods, and teach expert searching techniques, including use of health-related indexes and databases, and software to collate and organize search results.

Course Syllabi for LIS 9322B (Winter 2013)
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Prerequisites: MLIS 9004

0.5 course(Cross-listed with HIS 9242)

P- 9004; Cross-listed with HIS 9242  

Program Content Areas
Connecting People with Information

Course Objectives
1. to understand the field of evidence-based health care and its place within health care and health research more broadly;
2. to understand systematic evidence review methods;
3. to be able to plan effective searches of the health literature by learning to operationalize research questions into searchable components;
4. to understand the basic elements of critical appraisal of health research;
5. to understand how to manage systematic evidence review projects;
6. to prepare summaries and briefs for end-users in the context of effective knowledge translation strategies.

Relationship to the Goals and Objectives of the MLIS Program
Students who complete this course will be able to:

1. find, organize, and describe health-related information from a variety of bibliographic sources (from Goal 2, Obj. 1g);

2. demonstrate an awareness of professional values and standards pertaining to health information organization (from Goal 2, Obj. 1a);

3. critically analyse issues of health information creation, organization, and retrieval and communicate that analysis effectively with others, including users, colleagues, employers and members of the community (from Goal 2, Obj. 1d,1 j);

4. identify needs of particular user groups in health care practice and policy and develop collections and services to meet these needs (from Goal 2, Obj. 1h);

5. employ appropriate technologies (database interfaces, bibliographic management software) in library and information applications (from Goal 2, Obj. 1i).

Goals and Objectives of the MLIS Program