Master of Media in Journalism & Communication

News Room in North Campus Building

Western's journalism program is reinventing itself!

Forty years ago, Western began a unique master’s degree in journalism – a one-year degree that has helped graduates shape journalism in Canada and internationally. Since then, the media landscape has changed radically. Today's journalists need more integrated media skills – the ability to look forward and see which new tools and digital platforms will help them tell their stories best. Professionals working in public relations, media relations and other communications fields need to understand how to incorporate the same media techniques in their work. And more than ever, those two fields, journalism and communications, are interdependent.

Introducing the Master of Media in Journalism and Communication

Western's new vision incorporates education that will allow graduates to move seamlessly between journalism and communications. We have taken our best features – a tradition of great storytelling and ethical journalism – and added more. In addition to being able to work as journalists, grads will find employment in a wide array of communications-related fields. Students interested in working with not-for-profit organizations, NGOs, and other activist groups will be particularly interested in the program. And they will have the content creation and media production skills they will need to thrive as media continue to evolve.

A unique graduate program in Canada

The reimagined program continues our legacy of breaking new ground. Here are a few features that make the MMJC different from other programs:

  • a one-year program, two terms on-campus plus one term offsite
  • a master's degree that will take your career farther than a diploma or certificate
  • a chance to learn both journalism and communications
    - the flexibility to move between career paths
    - do BOTH kinds of jobs more effectively
  • an internship in a media job that suits the student's career goals
  • understand underlying principles of media production, not just a "how to" program
  • the opportunity to take courses in:
    - data mining
    - health and information
    - copyright
    - international affairs
  • acquire the agility to find new ways of telling stories as they emerge in a rapidly changing media landscape.
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The MMJC program is pending approval from the Quality Council of Ontario.

Updated Aug 12/2014