Faculty News

  • New dean: 'We need FIMS now more than ever'

    She has never worked as an academic in Canada. Yet for Lisa Henderson, there is an element of homecoming in her upcoming move to Western. Her parents met as actors at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. Her mother was a local television celebrity on Panorama.

  • FIMULAW 2018: Fostering interdisciplinary innovation

    On Friday, April 13, 2018, graduate students and faculty members from Information and Media Studies (FIMS), Music, and Law came together for the second-annual FIMULAW Graduate Interdisciplinary Research Day.

  • 'Old friends': Reading reflects key chapters in seniors' lives

    FIMS professor Paulette Rothbauer is one of the first researchers in Canada to explore and document - through conversational interviews with Canadian seniors between the ages of 75-90 - the value and meaning they place on reading.