Media Studies

Welcome to  the Media Studies  graduate program at the Faculty of Information and Media Studies. Created in 1997, the MA/PhD programs in Media Studies are dedicated to fostering scholarship and research into the media and their role in culture and society. With its multidisciplinary perspectives, the Faculty is well-suited to the challenge of analyzing the social, cultural, economic and political forces at play in the convergence of media institutions with the computer and telecommunications industries. (Academic Plan 2007 p. 9)

Program requirements for the MA are as follows: a required core course in Interdisciplinary Media Theory and in Research Methods; four optional courses; a thesis.  There is also a Major Research Paper option, comprising nine courses (one of which is a research workshop) and the research and writing of a paper of approximately 50 pages.  A fast-track option involving direct transfer into the PhD program is available for exceptionally qualified students.

In the PhD program in Media Studies, there are three areas of specialization. Each area focuses on a major field of study within media studies, and all develop critical approaches to the articulation and reproduction of social power via media.